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sound.kasten Record Recommendation #1

This is serious. This is pure sound.kasten stylee. From now, genres are obsolete. Thus, that multi-genre masterpiece of 6th Borough Project called One Night in the Borough is a great figurehead. Genre-ism kills, – ismlessness kills better *yay*

Resident Advisor lose a few words on that gem:

„If you’ve been following Graeme Clark in his solo disguise as The Revenge or the stream of 6th Borough Project 12-inches leading up to One Night in the Borough, you should know what to expect here—deep, blissfully hypnotic sampledelia with track flows governed by the laws of extreme repetition. It’s a shame that „trance“ means a particular subgenre of electronic music, because that term applies just as much to the effects of these tracks as anything Tiësto’s ever played.

Given the space of fourteen tracks, Clark and Craig Smith are able to utilize this formula over a broad musical spectrum, creating an album in the full-fledged sense, one that traces a landscape of tempos, styles and emotions. With its love of crate-digging and re-editing worn on its sleeve, One Night in the Borough is something like a disco-house heir to DJ Shadow’s trip-hop landmark Endtroducing…… Like that record, One Night’s menagerie of resurrected sounds conjures up images of dusty record shops and tattered vinyl, musical spirits captured on wax.“

To make a long story short: Get up, go out, get a copy of that (or three), sit back, relax!


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